May Be Time To Learn A New Skill

  Dear Joel: I am a man in my mid-50s. About 18 months ago, I had little choice but to take a buyout package from the company I had worked with for nearly 30 years. It was a smart decision because the company moved to another state one year later. I thought that because of my excellent selling abilities I would easily find another job while collecting unemployment benefits. I have sent out countless resumes and have had a few (very) interviews but no offers. Do you have any thoughts?-Dennis in Berkeley
  Answer: Dennis, as I am sure you are well aware, you are in a boat that is absolutely full! You probably are frightened and not able to retire yet. My suggestions are as follows: Keep on doing exactly what you are doing. Going on interviews is a learning experience and will keep you from becoming idle.
While you are doing that I would start learning a new skill. If sales jobs are hard to come by then look for an area in which you may have no experience but are willing to try. I would look to job areas that are hiring. You may have to have some extensive new training .May I suggest that you call the Ocean County Vocational Technical School. OCVTS has helped thousands of people learn new skills. You can study everything from the Culinary Arts, Nursing, HVAC and so much more. You can reach the school by visiting their website at or calling 732-473-3100.
I wish you good luck.

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