Mrs. Crummy Cook in Egg Harbor

Dear Joel,

My recently retired husband decided to take some cooking classes at the local adult education school. He really enjoys it and spends afternoons looking at cookbooks and recipes. I don’t want to discourage him but he’s terrible! I don’t think he knows the difference between salt and sand. What can I do?

Mrs. Crummy Cook in Egg Harbor

Dear Mrs.

Ooh, that is a distasteful situation you’re in! How bad is he? Does he have a good sense of humor? If he’s sensitive, it may be best to just hope that practice will make perfect. I would suggest you go shopping for some great ingredients together. You’ll be showing him your enthusiasm for his new hobby while secretly trying to upgrade his tastebuds. There are shelves of incredible pre-made sauces and you might say, “Let’s try this and see if you can make it yourself.” That might be a gentle way to show him what a good flavor is all about. You can show you’re support by shopping for some cookbooks with him (pick ones with real easy recipes). Next, I might try arranging a recipe swap with your friends and your master chef. Perhaps he won’t be able to mess up some of their great recipes. I would also suggest you find some classes on a new topic that you could take together in the next semester. In the end, you may just have to accept his skill level, even if it is literally hard to swallow. Who knows, with time he may get the hang of it.

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