Patriot’s pride in Point Pleasant

Dear Joel,

Memorial Day has become an excuse for a long weekend of partying, and that makes me mad. Oh sure many towns have parades and almost every town has a wreath laying service, but how many people really remember? I make sure my family attends our town’s wreath laying every year to reflect on the great sacrifices of our brave veterans, but it breaks my heart to see how few people actually do attend. I would like to encourage everyone to take a few minutes away from their barbeques to remember the reason we have the holiday in the first place.

Patriot’s pride in Point Pleasant

Dear Patriot,

You are a true American. I cannot say it often enough, the brave men and women who have served our country and in some cases paid the ultimate price to defend our freedoms should be remembered every day, not just once a year. I challenge our readers to join you in their local commemorations. Remember flags are to be flown at half-mast until noon. Also observe the National Moment of Remembrance. In 2000 a Congressional Resolution and a Presidential Proclamation, designated 3:00 pm every Memorial Day as an opportunity to pause in national unity for one minute of silence. Purchase a poppy and wear it with pride. There are many organizations and ways to donate time, money, items, and prayers to veterans. You can start by looking at or calling your local VA. I applaud you and our great service men and women.

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