Shamed senior in Absecon

Dear Joel,

There are some seniors out there who give seniors a bad name. I recently met some friends for breakfast at McDonald’s. I left after finishing my breakfast and coffee and found out that the group had stayed there till after 2:00 p.m.! That’s four hours of sitting around, drinking free refills of coffee. We seniors appreciate the courtesy that some places offer us, but there are some who abuse those privileges and make us seem like cheap pests. I’d like your opinion.

Shamed senior in Absecon

Dear Shamed,

Good for you! You’re right, no one should abuse the courtesies they’re offered. There are many places that are happy to offer special pricing and accommodations to seniors, but you can’t blame their patience for wearing thin. There are lots of great alternatives to hanging around a restaurant all day. If the group doesn’t want to meet in a home, does your town have a senior center or community hall? Libraries have great meeting rooms and activities, even free movies on certain days. It would also be nice if the ladies got together to do some volunteer work, like visiting other seniors, or making up goodie bags for soldiers. The group could also participate in gardening clubs, historic societies, or a whole slew of other hobby driven activities. Why not suggest some? You could also invite the ladies over to your home with a strict time limit of two hours. Maybe they’ll learn that less is more and that being retired doesn’t have to be a recipe for stagnation.

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