Taking Action Against Obesity

Dear Joel
I am seriously overweight. As a 43 year-old woman, I can’t believe what I have done to myself. When I was younger I had a beautiful body and now look like an inflated balloon. My husband doesn’t seem to mind but I walk around feeling embarrassed with the way I look. I no longer look good in anything, new clothes that I buy yet do nothing to change my situation. What can I do?
Obese in Manasquan

When we are in situations such as yours, we have a tendency to feel sorry for ourselves rather than do anything about it. You have choices to make. You can either go on feeling badly about yourself or take control of your situation. I must remind you that when I write this column I am simply a friend to my readers. I am neither a doctor or have formal training in mental health. That being said it is important to me that you see a physician about your condition. You may be at risk for heart disease and diabetes. Both are at epidemic proportions in our country.
As you may know, most diets fail. I do, however, have faith in two organizations for people such as yourself and so many others who suffer with you. Weight Watchers (of which I am a member) does a fantastic job of helping people who have weight challenges. Another organization is Overeaters Anonymous. These are inexpensive ways of working toward having a happier life. You may want to visit either as a guest. Weight Watchers has a philosophy of changing one’s lifestyle with a benefit of weight reduction.
I am not a believer in starting exercise and diet at the same time. I feel that your chances of sticking with both are greater if you start either one a month or two apart.
Lastly, as I’m sure you are aware, this is a chicken-and-egg story. It may be that you are unhappy or depressed and use your obesity as a way of expressing it. In other words, it is the opposite of what you describe. I wish you well.

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