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Dear Joel,
I have finally reached a time in my life where I can enjoy the fruits of my labor. Both my wife and I are now reaching 70 and I have reached an age where I can start traveling. Traveling is a luxury that I deprived myself of until I felt comfortable spending the money. Here is my problem. Now that we have some extra dollars and free time, my wife will not join me in my dreams. She has been afraid of flying since we’ve met and refuses to give it a try. I assure her that it is the safest means of travel but to no avail. I want to start seeing the world. –Alan (from Plainfield)

Dear Alan,
First of all, I want to apologize to you. Your letter to me was sent months ago and only last week did I find it in my Spam inbox.
There is much in your letter to analyze. I will start with “She has been afraid of flying since I met her.” You knew that this may have been a problem between the two of you but chose to marry her anyway. She obviously has other qualities that are appealing to you. There are courses, hypnosis and other methods of getting rid of such fears. Alan, I have no statistics but you can be certain that it works for many but not for others.
There is so much to see in our beautiful country. You can go on a bus or train. There are organized tours that do a wonderful job of both.
Additionally, cruising, although once travel for the rich and famous only, has for decades been the best value of all in travel. There are many cruise lines that now leave from New Jersey, New York, Boston, Maryland and other nearby places. Alan, you can actually go around the world without getting on a plane.
Lastly, there are no rules that say that if you want to see India, Israel or Italy, that you can’t travel without your wife. This feeling of it being her fault of your deprivation is simply not true. Once again, there are organized tours both for seniors and the general population. Respectfully, stop make excuses and start packing. It isn’t your wife who is holding you back!

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