Welcome to Dear Joel

Dear Readers:
It is with much excitement that I am returning to Micromedia publications with “dear Joel” my weekly advice column. It has been many years since I wrote my last column and having received many requests am honored that Micromedia has invited me back to reopen the advice column.
For anyone who may be new to the column, I offer everyday advice such as family and marital issues to trying to resolve complaints with regards to refunds etc. I like to think of myself and the Dear Joel column as a good neighbor. It is important to remember that I am just that, a good neighbor who can help in many ways. I cannot offer medical or legal advice as I am neither a physician or attorney.
If you are having trouble and just would like someone to listen, I am here for just that. We have even had readers respond to other readers. Occasionally, people seek my help with regard to getting faulty merchandise returned or refunded or help with other purchases that did not go well.
Next week’s column will begin my first question and answer which is a family in need of some help with a wedding situation.(I will do my best ) Looking forward to seeing all of you each week.
Additionally, please tune in each week to “Preferred Company with myself Joel Markel and my effervescent co-host Marianne Levy. You can hear us on WOBM AM 1160 or 1310 from 9 a.m. to 10 a.m., Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturdays at 10 a.m. on Preferred Company, 1160, 1310 WOBM AM. Please write with any questions to Joel@preferredcares.com. Because of the volume I cannot answer every question but will do my best to help
If you are anyone else is in need of Home health care, call Preferred at 732 840 5566 “where home Health care is done with feeling.”

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