Wife Is A Compulsive Spender

Dear Joel,
My wife is a compulsive spender. Half the groceries she buys end up in the garbage. We have enough canned goods to last us for years. When I go into her closets, the amount of items that have new tickets hanging off of them is appalling. The same goes for her shoes. When it comes to holidays, she treats everyone with the same over indulgence. I look at the credit card bills and am sickened by the wasted dollars each month.

While it sounds as if there is a problem, you don’t tell me whether or not she works and is spending her own money. Without knowing whether or not she contributes to household expenses, I don’t want to judge her behavior. There are many people who buy luxury cars that may add up to significantly more than what she is spending. As I don’t get a perfect read on what is truly going on in your home, I will suggest counseling if what you are describing is truly a disorder. There are medications that could help if it is compulsive behavior. Best of luck.

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