Preferred Company 10-20-20: David Marion

It’s Preferred Company with Joel and Fran! Today’s guest is David Marion, author of ‘Addiction Rescue: The No BS Guide To Recovery’. David has lived through multiple addictions, including gambling, opioids and heroin, as addict and co-dependent respectively. He brings over 30 years of experience and education as an expert in addiction and recovery to people and their families suffering from the affects of any type of addiction. David shares his 5-step process to get into and stay into recovery, 5 simple steps to live a life free from overuse or overdoing anything, why just because your doctor prescribes it doesn’t make it safe for you to take and why recovery from addiction takes holistic healing. Podcast

Preferred Company 10-16-20: Chris Olszak

It’s Preferred Company with Joel and Fran! Today’s guest is Chris Olszak, Tax and Estate Planning Attorney at Davison, Eastman, Munoz, Paone. Chris discusses remarriage and adult adoption in terms of estate planning and how possible conflicts can disrupt the legal process. What qualifies as cohabitation? Is it easier to live together and remerge your assets? At what point in the relationship is a good idea to get an attorney involved? Can older sons or daughters step into the legal process? Chris will explain. Podcast

Preferred Company 10-15-20: Les Rubin

This is Preferred Company with Joel and Fran! Today’s guest is Les Rubin, founder of Les discusses voter IQ and what is the purpose of main street economics. Les says it is not right or left, it’s just trying to educate, not advocate. He will give his thoughts on whether our Presidential candidates even understand economics and if the economy can fully recover in the short term after the COVID disruption. Podcast

Preferred Company 10-13-20: Marya Lawrence

It’s Preferred Company with Joel and Fran! Today’s guest is Marya Lawrence, musician. Marya was born into a talented family of musicians, and from her first day on the planet was surrounded by music. Her father saxophone legend the late Arnie Lawrence, would bring Marya to his gigs, where she heard and absorbed the best musicians in New York. She was soaking up the sounds like a sponge and learning jazz Marya as child vernacular straight from the source. Her new single is called ‘Ain’t No Sunshine’. Podcast

Preferred Company 10-8-20: Kirk Fletcher

It’s Preferred Company with Joel and Fran! Today’s guest is Kirk Fletcher. He’s releasing a brand new album of new music called ‘My Blues Pathway’. My Blues Pathway features a mix of originals, covers of quintessential blues classics by Sonny Boy Williamson, Chris Cain, AC Reed and Juke Boy Bonner, in addition to two new songs co-written with Robert Cray’s longtime bassist, Richard Cousins. Kirk has a reputation as a bona-fide, can’t miss performer. His soulful playing and singing never fails to elicit chills and his unique approach to Rhythm & Blues music is both refreshingly modern and completely authentic. Podcast

Preferred Company 10-6-20: Dr. Amy Towfighi

This is Preferred Company with Joel and Fran! Today’s guest is Dr. Amy Towfighi. Her book ‘What You Must Know About Strokes’ discusses how to recover from a stroke and how to prevent one. She will explain the two types of strokes and how it affects the body, the symptoms and the importance of F.A.S.T. Plus, why staying healthy reduces chances of stroke and why family history increases it. Podcast

Preferred Company 10-1-20: Dr. Sam Sugar

This is Preferred Company with Joel and Fran! Today’s guest is Dr. Sam Sugar, author of ‘Guardianships and the Elderly’. Imagine a system of justice in this country that strips citizens of their Constitutional rights, voids their existing legal documents, gives others the right to spend their money and sell their assets and has the ability to limit the time they can spend with their loved ones. Dr. Sugar will explain a guardianship in more detail, who would get the process started and will discuss his organization Americans Against Abusive Probate Guardianship. Podcast

Preferred Company 9-29-20: Matt Guiliano

This is Preferred Company with Joel and Fran! Today’s guest is Matt Guiliano, retired Monmouth County SPCA officer and author of ‘My Name is Musky’. Matt worked on over 2,000 animal cruelty cases. Over time, he couldn’t believe how humans treated animals so terribly. All these years, he never had anyone to talk to about his frustrations and stress of seeing such animal abuse. ‘My Name is Musky’ is a story of a 2 pound ferret, but Musky packs powerful pizzazz into every minute of her ‘second’ life. Musky has gone from being a pet ferret, abandoned into the wild by her former owner, to being found by the Monmouth County SPCA, to having her own book and her own Facebook gage with 6,000 followers. Musky’s irresistible charisma has melted many hearts, especially with Matty, who knew in minutes Musky was destined to be a part of his family. Podcast

Preferred Company 9-25-20: Emily Buckley

It’s Preferred Company with Joel and Fran! Today’s guest is Emily Buckley, Client Services Coordinator at Preferred Home Health Care and Nursing Services Allentown branch. Find out her daily job responsibilities at Preferred Home Health Care and Nursing, why she chose a career in home health care and how her mother influenced her. You’ll also hear a fun fact about Emily: it’s something that was quite difficult to plan during the pandemic. Podcast

Preferred Company 9-24-20: Kristen Carter

It’s Preferred Company with Joel and Fran! Our guest is Kristen Carter, the creator of Design for Fitness and the author of ‘Lose Weight? Exercise More? I Don’t Think So!’, who is bringing a fresh prespective to the problem of losing weight and getting more exercise. Kristen explains why it can be so hard and confusing to do something we know is good for us, what questions we should ask ourselves before dieting or making a lifestyle change and why we are afraid to make changes. Podcast

Preferred Company 9-22-20: Dr. Alejandro Badia

This is Preferred Company with Joel and Fran! Today’s guest is Dr. Alejandro Badia, a hand and upper extremity orthopedic surgeon. He has been in the trenches with our broken healthcare system since 1999. Find out why he says healthcare is a life and death matter and why we really need to pay better attention to our healthcare. Too many barriers are the issue. When you have more bureaucracy, it costs money and thus delays care. Plus, Dr. Badia will provide his thoughts on whether “Medicare For All” is the best system for the United States. Podcast

Preferred Company 9-18-20: Chris Olszak

It’s Preferred Company with Joel and Fran! Today’s guest is Chris Olszak, Certified Elder Law Attorney and Shareholder of Davison, Eastman, Muñoz, Paone, P.A. He joins us with his monthly “Respond Law Report”. This month’s topic is where important documents, like tax returns and bank records, should be stored and for how long. Podcast

Preferred Company 9-15-20: Ellie Peterson

This is Preferred Company with Joel and Fran! Today’s guest is Ellie Peterson, the creator of the ‘Meditative Movement’ technique which has been shown to reduce anxiety, depression and fatigue while improving emotional and functional well-being. Ellie shares how this empowering technique can be used throughout the day, how it’s adaptable to anyone’s physical ability and how it releases stress when felt. Podcast

Preferred Company 9-10-20: Dr. Patricia Ramirez

This is Preferred Company with Joel and Fran!  Today’s guest is Dr. Patricia Ramirez of Signia.  She’ll introduce us to Signia’s new face mask mode feature for hearing aid wearers.  She’ll provide insights and tips on how to improve communications while wearing masks and will also discuss the sophisticated technology behind this new “face mask mode” option.  Dr. Ramirez herself is a hearing aid wearer who has benefited from the face mask mode setting. Podcast

Preferred Company 9-3-20: Kate Johnson

You’re listening to Preferred Company with Joel and Fran!   Today’s guest is cheesemaker and author, Kate Johnson.  Kate has just completed writing her fourth book: ‘Tiny Goat, Big Cheese!’  This book is about her journey from being a city kid yearning for the country life to eventually living on a small dairy goat farm and running one of the busiest cheesemaking schools in the country. It’s written as a part memoir, part cheesemaking cookbook, with a lot of inspiration. Podcast

Preferred Company 9-1-20: Ronny Lvovski

Preferred Company with Joel and Fran is on!   Today’s guest is Ronny Lvovski, the author of ‘The Primal Gourmet Cookbook’.  After a lifetime of struggling with obesity, failed diets and low self-esteem, Ronny wanted a change.  So on his 27th birthday, he decided to approach his health from a more holistic angle, rather than through numbers on a scale or a date on the calendar.   This health journey led him to Paleo and Whole30.  As he eliminated grains and dairy from his diet, Ronny lost 40 pounds.  Find out exactly what is the Paleo and Whole30 diet and what foods you can eat during this lifestyle change. Podcast

Preferred Company 8-28-20: Trisha Gibe

This is Preferred Company with Joel and Fran!    Today’s guest is Trisha Gibe, Director of Nursing for Preferred Home Health Care and Nursing Services Galloway office.  Trisha says home health care is a unique niche in nursing which allows for a client centered practice.  She believes every client deserves one on one care and feels she can deliver the best care when the client is in a place they want to be, like home!  Learn about Trisha’s job role at Preferred Home Health Care and Nursing Services, how she loves to help pediatric patients and how every patient is like family!   Plus, Trisha will give a fun fact about herself. Podcast

Preferred Company 8-27-20: Charlie Gardner

This is Preferred Company with Joel and Fran!  Today’s guest is Charlie Gardner, author of ‘I Got This’ and ‘Always Remember This Moment’.  He’s here to discuss his near death experience from septis which caused him to go into a coma and what this life changing experience has taught him.  It’s simple: life can be taken away at any moment, so appreciate it!  He also shares a few construction stories that are a chronicled in his book and offers a positive perspective to enjoying life.  Life isn’t going to be easy.  But as long as we stick to the plan and work hard, it will always work out! Podcast

Preferred Company 8-25-20: Kathryn Aalto

It’s Preferred Company with Joel and Fran!  Today’s guest is Kathryn Aalto.  Her book ‘Writing Wild’ celebrates 25 women whose influential writing helps deepen our connection to the natural world and understanding it.  These women defy easy categorization, yet all share a bold authenticity that makes their work both distinct and universal.  Find out how she decided which women would be featured in this book, her surprising research on these women and what advice she’d give to young women starting out as writers today. Podcast

Preferred Company 8-21-20: Chris Olszak

You’re listening to another edition of Preferred Company with Joel and Fran!  Today’s guest is Chris Olszak and he’s here with his “Respond Law Report.”  He will discuss the importance of attorney/client privilege in estate planning and the problems that could arise if there’s miscommunication between the client and attorney.  This privilege is very important and Chris will explain.  Chris also provides specific examples, including situations that involves spouses. Podcast

Preferred Company 8-20-20: Analie Shepherd

This is Preferred Company with Joel and Fran!   Today’s guest is Analie Shepherd.  She is the author of ‘Mending the Shattered Mirror’. Analie found herself in need of help and turned to a highly recommended psychologist in an attempt to heal from a tragedy in her life. Within the confines of the therapeutic relationship, Analie suffered extreme abuse: emotional, verbal, and physical. Analie joins us this Thursday to share her memoir, ‘Mending the Shattered Mirror’, and her journey of recovery. Podcast

Preferred Company 8-18-20: Shirley King

You’re listening to Preferred Company with Joel and Fran!   Today’s guest is Shirley King, daughter of B.B. King.  Her newest album ‘Shirley King: Blues for a King’ shows just how musically diverse she is as she does her own versions of classic songs like Feelin’ Alright, Gallows Pole, That’s Alright Mama, At Last, Can’t Find My Way Home and many others.   Shirley shares stories of growing up in the shadows of her father. Podcast

Preferred Company 8-13-20: Bettye Kearse

It’s Preferred Company with Joel and Fran!  Today’s guest is Bettye Kearse, a descendant of a slave and President James Madison.  Her book ‘The Other Madisons: A Lost History of A President’s Black Family’ is a fascinating story about a family’s secret history.  When Betty’s mother hands over a box containing the family records, she tells Bettye she is now the family’s griotte, a West African tradition that means she is now the keeper of her family’s history.  Bettye encountered obstacles at every turn, when she tried to confirm the information that her ancestors had passed down.





Preferred Company 8-11-20: George Chanos

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, Preferred Company with Joel and Fran wants to give people hope and help build their minds, their confidence and readiness for the future!  George Chanos, author of ‘Millennial Samurai’, is here to discuss these thoughts to pivot and adapt to a rapidly and radically changing environment.  George believes in a time when we should be planning and preparing for the future, we are instead divided by race, age, sex, religion, economics and identity politics, and thus are paralyzed by political dysfunction.  Millennial Samurai is a way of being part of the solution to these problems. Podcast

Preferred Company 8-6-20: Lisa Skinner

It’s Preferred Company with Joel and Fran!   Today’s guest is Lisa Skinner.  Lisa is a behavioral specialist with over 25 years of experience and is the author of ‘Not All Who Wander Need To Be Lost’.  Lisa will explain the difference between Alzheimer’s disease and dementia, both of which are very complex to diagnose.  But, you’ll better understand through her relatable way of how short term memory fades away through the process of the disease.  She’ll also discuss day to day challenges using real-life stories and common behaviors associated with dementia, how to recognize them and how to effectively respond to the behaviors. Podcast