Preferred Company 9-18-20: Chris Olszak

It’s Preferred Company with Joel and Fran! Today’s guest is Chris Olszak, Certified Elder Law Attorney and Shareholder of Davison, Eastman, Muñoz, Paone, P.A. He joins us with his monthly “Respond Law Report”. This month’s topic is where important documents, like tax returns and bank records, should be stored and for how long. Podcast

Preferred Company 9-15-20: Ellie Peterson

This is Preferred Company with Joel and Fran! Today’s guest is Ellie Peterson, the creator of the ‘Meditative Movement’ technique which has been shown to reduce anxiety, depression and fatigue while improving emotional and functional well-being. Ellie shares how this empowering technique can be used throughout the day, how it’s adaptable to anyone’s physical ability and how it releases stress when felt. Podcast

Preferred Company 9-10-20: Dr. Patricia Ramirez

This is Preferred Company with Joel and Fran!  Today’s guest is Dr. Patricia Ramirez of Signia.  She’ll introduce us to Signia’s new face mask mode feature for hearing aid wearers.  She’ll provide insights and tips on how to improve communications while wearing masks and will also discuss the sophisticated technology behind this new “face mask mode” option.  Dr. Ramirez herself is a hearing aid wearer who has benefited from the face mask mode setting. Podcast

Preferred Company 9-3-20: Kate Johnson

You’re listening to Preferred Company with Joel and Fran!   Today’s guest is cheesemaker and author, Kate Johnson.  Kate has just completed writing her fourth book: ‘Tiny Goat, Big Cheese!’  This book is about her journey from being a city kid yearning for the country life to eventually living on a small dairy goat farm and running one of the busiest cheesemaking schools in the country. It’s written as a part memoir, part cheesemaking cookbook, with a lot of inspiration. Podcast

Preferred Company 9-1-20: Ronny Lvovski

Preferred Company with Joel and Fran is on!   Today’s guest is Ronny Lvovski, the author of ‘The Primal Gourmet Cookbook’.  After a lifetime of struggling with obesity, failed diets and low self-esteem, Ronny wanted a change.  So on his 27th birthday, he decided to approach his health from a more holistic angle, rather than through numbers on a scale or a date on the calendar.   This health journey led him to Paleo and Whole30.  As he eliminated grains and dairy from his diet, Ronny lost 40 pounds.  Find out exactly what is the Paleo and Whole30 diet and what foods you can eat during this lifestyle change. Podcast

Preferred Company 8-28-20: Trisha Gibe

This is Preferred Company with Joel and Fran!    Today’s guest is Trisha Gibe, Director of Nursing for Preferred Home Health Care and Nursing Services Galloway office.  Trisha says home health care is a unique niche in nursing which allows for a client centered practice.  She believes every client deserves one on one care and feels she can deliver the best care when the client is in a place they want to be, like home!  Learn about Trisha’s job role at Preferred Home Health Care and Nursing Services, how she loves to help pediatric patients and how every patient is like family!   Plus, Trisha will give a fun fact about herself. Podcast

Preferred Company 8-27-20: Charlie Gardner

This is Preferred Company with Joel and Fran!  Today’s guest is Charlie Gardner, author of ‘I Got This’ and ‘Always Remember This Moment’.  He’s here to discuss his near death experience from septis which caused him to go into a coma and what this life changing experience has taught him.  It’s simple: life can be taken away at any moment, so appreciate it!  He also shares a few construction stories that are a chronicled in his book and offers a positive perspective to enjoying life.  Life isn’t going to be easy.  But as long as we stick to the plan and work hard, it will always work out! Podcast

Preferred Company 8-25-20: Kathryn Aalto

It’s Preferred Company with Joel and Fran!  Today’s guest is Kathryn Aalto.  Her book ‘Writing Wild’ celebrates 25 women whose influential writing helps deepen our connection to the natural world and understanding it.  These women defy easy categorization, yet all share a bold authenticity that makes their work both distinct and universal.  Find out how she decided which women would be featured in this book, her surprising research on these women and what advice she’d give to young women starting out as writers today. Podcast

Preferred Company 8-21-20: Chris Olszak

You’re listening to another edition of Preferred Company with Joel and Fran!  Today’s guest is Chris Olszak and he’s here with his “Respond Law Report.”  He will discuss the importance of attorney/client privilege in estate planning and the problems that could arise if there’s miscommunication between the client and attorney.  This privilege is very important and Chris will explain.  Chris also provides specific examples, including situations that involves spouses. Podcast

Preferred Company 8-20-20: Analie Shepherd

This is Preferred Company with Joel and Fran!   Today’s guest is Analie Shepherd.  She is the author of ‘Mending the Shattered Mirror’. Analie found herself in need of help and turned to a highly recommended psychologist in an attempt to heal from a tragedy in her life. Within the confines of the therapeutic relationship, Analie suffered extreme abuse: emotional, verbal, and physical. Analie joins us this Thursday to share her memoir, ‘Mending the Shattered Mirror’, and her journey of recovery. Podcast

Preferred Company 8-18-20: Shirley King

You’re listening to Preferred Company with Joel and Fran!   Today’s guest is Shirley King, daughter of B.B. King.  Her newest album ‘Shirley King: Blues for a King’ shows just how musically diverse she is as she does her own versions of classic songs like Feelin’ Alright, Gallows Pole, That’s Alright Mama, At Last, Can’t Find My Way Home and many others.   Shirley shares stories of growing up in the shadows of her father. Podcast

Preferred Company 8-13-20: Bettye Kearse

It’s Preferred Company with Joel and Fran!  Today’s guest is Bettye Kearse, a descendant of a slave and President James Madison.  Her book ‘The Other Madisons: A Lost History of A President’s Black Family’ is a fascinating story about a family’s secret history.  When Betty’s mother hands over a box containing the family records, she tells Bettye she is now the family’s griotte, a West African tradition that means she is now the keeper of her family’s history.  Bettye encountered obstacles at every turn, when she tried to confirm the information that her ancestors had passed down.





Preferred Company 8-11-20: George Chanos

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, Preferred Company with Joel and Fran wants to give people hope and help build their minds, their confidence and readiness for the future!  George Chanos, author of ‘Millennial Samurai’, is here to discuss these thoughts to pivot and adapt to a rapidly and radically changing environment.  George believes in a time when we should be planning and preparing for the future, we are instead divided by race, age, sex, religion, economics and identity politics, and thus are paralyzed by political dysfunction.  Millennial Samurai is a way of being part of the solution to these problems. Podcast

Preferred Company 8-6-20: Lisa Skinner

It’s Preferred Company with Joel and Fran!   Today’s guest is Lisa Skinner.  Lisa is a behavioral specialist with over 25 years of experience and is the author of ‘Not All Who Wander Need To Be Lost’.  Lisa will explain the difference between Alzheimer’s disease and dementia, both of which are very complex to diagnose.  But, you’ll better understand through her relatable way of how short term memory fades away through the process of the disease.  She’ll also discuss day to day challenges using real-life stories and common behaviors associated with dementia, how to recognize them and how to effectively respond to the behaviors. Podcast

Preferred Company 8-4-20: George Caylor

This is Preferred Company with Joel and Fran!  Today’s guest is George Caylor, financial planner and owner of the Caylor Group Wealth Management.   He decided to write a book about his experiences beginning in 1949.  ‘Surviving George’ tells of the love of a dad for his hyperactive kid named Georgie, who considered everything and everyone in his universe.   This 7 year biography is a short history of America’s age of innocence.   It’s a time when kids could be kids, communities pulled together and one-room schools provided the best educations ever.  Learn more at Podcast

Preferred Company 7-30-20: Ekta Punwani

Preferred Company with Joel and Fran is on!   Today’s guest is Ekta Punwani, leader in the top 100 program at IBM/Watson Health.  Recently, 2020’s 100 top hospitals and 15 top health systems award winners were announced, naming the top-performing hospitals and health systems in the United States.  The list recognizes examples of excellence at a time when dedicated hospital clinicians and staff members are working tirelessly to support patients through the COVID-19 crisis.  Find out why this list is generated, what factors are considered in the rankings and how hospitals use this list to better serve patients. Podcast

Preferred Company 7-28-20: Kris Ohleth

You’re listening to Preferred Company with Joel and Fran.  Kris Ohleth is today’s guest.   Kris is Senior Manager of Stakeholder Engagement at Orsted, which is New Jersey’s first utility scale offshore wind form.  It brings state of the art, beautiful and renewable energy and is the answer to powering 500,000 New Jersey homes.   Find out more about Orsted and its background, the benefits of offshore wind for New Jersey as opposed to other renewable technologies and the benefits of these turbines. Podcast

Preferred Company 7-24-20: Jessie Carmichael

It’s Preferred Company with Joel and Fran!   Today’s guest is Jessie Carmichael of Preferred Home Health Care and Nursing Services.  Jessie works as a client services manager in the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania office.  Find out what Jessie’s job entails at Preferred and why he choose home health care.   Plus, you’ll find out a fun fact about Jessie!  A little hint: it has something to do with football. Podcast

Preferred Company 7-23-20: Darla DeMorrow

You’re listening to another episode of Preferred Company with Joel and Fran.   Darla DeMorrow is today’s guest.  Darla is a certified professional organizer and is here to help sort your life and succeed during quarantine.  What is the five step system to help get organized, why we do get attached to certain objects and how can she help clients virtually during the pandemic?  You’ll get those answers and more on Preferred Company! Podcast

Preferred Company 7-21-20: William Silvaneus

It’s Preferred Company with Joel and Fran.   Today’s guest is William Silvaneus.  William is an author, speaker and change agent who believes the National Political Conversation has become an all-out war.  Before retiring, he spent 52 years smashing labels, specifically negative dehumanized labels, and freeing the people behind them. William says behind every microaggression lies a negative, dehumanized label.  But where do these labels come from, how do they form?  It is probably not how you think. Podcast

Preferred Company 7-17-20: Chris Olszak

It’s Preferred Company with Joel and Fran.   Today’s guest is Chris Olszak.  Chris is here with his “Respond Law Report”.  He will discuss the importance of reading the entire print on all documents and the information people skip over.  Plus, he’ll provide some examples of situations that come back to haunt people later and what we’re supposed to do when critical decisions are being made so quickly in an emergency. Podcast

Preferred Company 7-16-20: Bridgette Bradley

You’re listening to Preferred Company with Joel and Fran!   Today’s guest is Bridgette Bradley.  Bridgette is the author of “Ten Things You Need To Know About Adoption” and also is the founder of Adoption Discovery.  With Adoption Discovery, you can adopt a child in less than 9 months and avoid breaking the bank trying to build your family.  She will explain why only one percent of people are doing adoption, why there’s an orphan crisis and how adoption can be done at any age.  Plus, the 5 adoption changes due to Coronavirus. Podcast

Preferred Company 7-14-20: Jessica Klingbaum

It’s Preferred Company with Joel and Fran!   Today’s guest is Jessica Klingbaum, a Certified Aromatherapist and Essential Oils Educator/Expert.    She’s here to discuss how to stay healthy and boost your immunity by using essential oils, how quickly essential oils work and how fast you can actually feel the benefits,  Plus, you’ll discover why essential oils can do magical things! Podcast

Preferred Company 7-9-20: Thelma Reese

It’s Preferred Company with Joel and Fran.   Today’s guest is Dr. Thelma Reese.  She is the Author of ‘How Seniors Are Saving The World’.    The book shares inspiring true stories of seniors working with purpose.   From social activism to returning to careers to fight the pandemic, seniors offer wisdom, experience and energy. Podcast

Preferred Company 7-7-20: Mychelle Bell

You’re listening to Preferred Company with Joel and Fran.  Today’s guest is Mychelle Bell.   She’s the founder of Belle Clothing and Accessories Company Inc. and sharing her knowledge and expertise about how present and future sustainable fashion fabric styles are the new “wearable cream” for nourishment to the skin while you wear it.  She calls it “Holistic Fashion” and will discuss the three Cs to The Age Renewal Cycle (Choose, Change, Cultivate).  Mychelle’s other story of interest is called ‘American Made: How USA Manufacturing Will Save Our Economy’, which says how too much outsourcing and dependency is resulting in a negative down slide of our economy.  The main point: we need to bring back more American made manufacturing to keep us prepared for less harmful impacts and the benefits of American made products. Podcast