Preferred Company 9-19-19: Margaret Fitzpatrick

Are you planning for your own healthcare as you age or helping a loved one with their medical decisions? Did you know that many of the tragic missteps can be avoided? Joining Preferred Company is Margaret Fitzpatrick, a critical care nurse and the author of “Getting The Best Care”. After 20 plus years in seeing so many older patients come into the hospital and suffer with all the aggressive medical interventions, Margaret says seems to inflect more suffering rather than helping them. So how do families elevate the quality of healthcare, how can you live the last chapter of your life and what are three important questions to ask to stay off the “healthcare conveyor belt”. Podcast

Preferred Company 9-17-19: Dr. Deane Waldman

Dr. Deane Waldman, author of ‘Curing Cancer in U.S. Healthcare’, joins Preferred Company. He offers the cure for sick U.S. Health Care companies. Hear why the Healthcare system is not aimed at the health and welfare of the American people, how both private and government insurance companies are making money by not giving the proper care and why the third party needs to get out of the health care system and allow the patients make more choices. Plus, Dr. Waldman will explain what it means when insurance doesn’t get you in the doctor in a timely manner. For home health care with feeling and the care you deserve, call Preferred Home Health Care and Nursing Services 800 603 CARE (2273) or go online to Podcast

Preferred Company 9-12-19: Paul Henry Wand

Concussions are a world-wide epidemic with 43 million cases diagnosed each year. The good news is that there are effective treatments available today which reverse the symptoms of a concussion by correcting the underlying mechanisms of injury to the brain. Paul Henry Wand, author of ‘The Concussion Cure’ describes in detail how a concussion should be diagnosed and then treated. Find out why concussions are looked at differently than those of years ago and why undiagnosed and untreated conditions are often overlooked. Plus, three different treatment modalities proven to reverse the systems of a concussion. You can listen to Preferred Company on smartphone, tablet or. By enabling the Preferred Company skill, simply say “Open Preferred Company” and you can listen anytime. Podcast

Preferred Company 9-10-19: Joan Markwell

You’re listening to Preferred Company and guest Joan Markwell, author of ‘Softening The Grief’. Today, she teaches how to support and comfort a bereaved mother with confidence and explains what to say and do without adding more pain. Find out why we there is no title for mothers who’ve lost their children, why the process can’t be understood until you’ve been there and how to best express yourself to someone in times of loss to avoid awkwardness. Podcast

Preferred Company 9-5-19: Winifred Bragg

Have you ever uttered the words “Oh! my aching back”? Back pain is one of the most common reasons people go to the doctor or miss work and it is a leading cause of disability worldwide. Most people have back pain at least once. Dr. Winifred Bragg is today’s guest. She is the Best-Selling author of the book, “KnockoutPain: Secrets to Maintain a Healthy Back”. She is the CEO of a spine and orthopedic pain center and an expert in providing nonsurgical treatment for injuries and pain resulting from spinal and orthopedic conditions. Dr. Bragg also speaks about her Bragg Factor and how you can say something memorable in 30 seconds or less. For more, visit her website at Podcast

Preferred Company 9-3-19: Andrew Bernstein

This is Preferred Company with guest Andrew Bernstein, philosopher, novelist and radical for capitalism. His essay, ‘Heroes and Villians In American Education’ will be the topic of discussion. Find out what prompted him to write an essay about education, why he believes teachers are just teaching to test and why aren’t teachers pushing students to be more competitive for those pursuing further education and pushing more vocational training and practical skills to students looking to obtain a job right after high school. To read his essay (and more) in its entirety, go to Podcast

Preferred Company 8-29-19: Dr. Shirley Russak Wachtel

You’re listening to Preferred Company with Joel Markel, president and founder of Preferred Home Health Care and Nursing Services, Fran Holinda and guest, Dr. Shirley Russak Wachtel. Dr. Wachtel is an author, educator and novelist. She’s discussing her critically acclaimed novel, “My Mother’s Shoes”. The book is a memoir which recounts the life of her mother growing up in Poland and then being torn away from her family during the holocaust. Plus, the impact of this heartbreaking and catastrophic event which not only transforms her life, but generations to come. You’ll hear how her Dr. Wachtel has been shaped as a result of her mother being a holocaust survivor, why she was and still is afraid of the world and how to overcome personal discrimination, surviving challenges and war. Did you know some much needed medical care can be facilitated by a registered nurse and other certified professionals right at home? Taking away the burden of constant doctor’s appointments is why Preferred Home Health Care and Nursing is choice for you or a loved one. For over 30 years, Preferred Home Health Care and Nursing Services have provided skilled nursing services ranging from clinical assessments to in-depth treatments. Call Preferred Home Health Care and Nursing Services at 800 603 CARE (2273) or go to Podcast

Preferred Company 8-27-19: Joanne Lefebvre Connolly

What are Animal Communication and Intuitive Medicine and how much can they help you and your pet live better with maximum health and happiness as well as facilitate the transition into the after life with dignity and peace? This question and many more are answered through the experiences of Joanne Lefebvre Connolly, today’s guest. She is the author of “Animal Teachings From Hayley’s Angels Methods”. Joanne will explain the process of being able to let go and move on, why the modern world has brought us out of our heart making us focusing more on our brain and how the best answers are in the heart for providing guidance. Podcast

Preferred Company 8-23-19: Dr. Anna Yusim

This is Preferred Company with Dr. Anna Yusim. Dr. Yusim is the author of “Fulfilled: How the Science of Spirituality Can Help You Live a Happier Life”. Today’s topic is instability and reclaiming our power in a negative world. Sr. Yusim says it’s important to make a gratitude list like what are some things you are grateful for, looking at the important people in your life and how you can do something nice for those people. Find out why we need to flip the way we think to see more positivity in life, why it’s important to look for points of lights and not concentrate so much on the darkness in the world and how we can teach our children the same in order to feel good about themselves. Podcast

Preferred Company 8-21-19: Philip Wolfson

Have you ever wondered how to read people’s faces? Phillip Wolfson, author of “Face Tell All When Matchmakers Turn Spycatchers”, is here on Preferred Company to discuss his book and explain facial recognition. He says we size each other up from moment to moment to read personalities and intentions and our face also can reveal health status. So how do we put your best face forward and put on a poker face, how do we separate a fake smile versus a real smile and are you more approachable when your face is more inviting? Phillip has those answers. Listen to Preferred Company on your Alexa anytime by enabling the skill on the Preferred Company app. Simply say “Alexa, open Preferred Company” and you can listen to Joel and Fran anytime! Podcast

Preferred Company 8-20-19: Essi Bagheri

Welcome to Preferred Company and today’s guest is Essi Bagheri, author of “Shattered Soul: The True Story of a Child Soldier”. You’ll hear how at only 14 years old Essi was trained to be a suicide bomber and how he not only survived that experience, but rebuilt his life afterward. Find out more his decades long struggle to overcome addiction, suicide and abuse, his turning point in life and what happened that gave him a will to survive and why we all should never give up. Going home after a prolonged stay in the hospital can be an enormous relief and a comforting step, but whether you are the client or helping a loved one, it’s important to be realistic about the challenges of transitioning to home to ensure you are prepared. Call on Preferred Home Health Care and Nursing Services for the proper care. Their certified home health aides and licensed nurses can help you with 24 hour care when you or a loved one need it the most. Call 800 603 CARE (2273) or go online to Podcast

Preferred Company 8-15-19: Lisa Davis

Are you looking to make an enduring change in both the kitchen and bedroom? Today, guest Lisa Davis, author of “Clean Eating, Dirty Sex: Sensual Superfoods and Aphrodisiac Practices for Ultimate Sexual Health and Connection”, will explain how changing your diet to whole foods will make you feel better in all areas of your life. Lisa believes changing habits can also improve sexual health. Plus, what do you do about eliminating processed foods and how understanding the dirty dozen and following the clean fifteen works. Podcast

Preferred Company 8-13-19: Dr. Stanley G. Robinson

This is Preferred Company and guest Dr. Stanley G. Robinson. Dr. Robinson is referred to as “The Quit Doctor” because of his relentless determination to heal the world of the stigma and shame associated with the concept of quitting. Many people feel embarrassed by the fact they had to quit something. They are hurting because they had to give up a bad relationship, a failed goal or a negative mentality. So they feel like a failure. Because of the feeling of embarrassment, they keep doing things they should have quit long ago. But the notion winners never quit is a myth. The truth is successful people quit all the time. Dr. Robinson is here to discuss a 4-Step process on how to be a successful quitter. Preferred Home Health Care and Nursing Services provides adult and pediatric at home nursing and care. They service all of New Jersey and portions of Pennsylvania with compassionate around the clock care or respite care for just a few hours. Call Preferred Home Health Care and Nursing Services at 800 603 CARE (2273) or online at Podcast

Preferred Company 8-8-19: Rob Kall

This is Preferred Company with guest Rob Kall, an award-winning journalist, inventor, software architect and author of “The Bottom-up Revolution: Mastering the Emerging World of Connectivity”. Rob has pioneered conferences in Positive Psychology, Brain Science and Story. He hosts some of the world’s smartest, most interesting and powerful people on his Bottom-Up Radio Show. What is Bottom-Up? Rob will explain how it’s a collective way of doing things, how it’s practically applied at the local level and how thinking includes and behaviors that affect other people. The Bottom-Up approach is rapidly gaining popularity, especially in industries where projects tend to involve new challenges that require innovative solutions. For people in search of nursing or personal care for a loved one, home health care is the best way for many patients to preserve their independence and remain in the comfort of their own homes. Whether you are an older adult who suffers from a chronic condition or have an infant with complex medical needs, Preferred Home Health Care and Nursing Services offers a viable and affordable option for you or your loved one. Preferred Home Health Care and Nursing Services has live-in certified home health aides and around the clock nurses to make sure they are safe 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Call 800 603 CARE (2273) or go to Podcast

Preferred Company 8-6-19: Katherine Eban

Today’s guest is Katherine Eban. Katherine is the author of “Bottle Of Lies”, which is an explosive narrative investigation of the generic drug boom that reveals fraud and life-threatening dangers on a global scale—The Jungle for pharmaceuticals. Many have hailed the widespread use of generic drugs as one of the most important public-health developments of the twenty-first century. Today, almost 90 percent of our pharmaceutical market is comprised of generics. It’s those majority which are manufactured overseas. They have been reassured by our doctors, pharmacists and regulators that generic drugs are identical to their brand-name counterparts, just less expensive. But is this really true? Katherine will explain. Plus, why we should be questioning if these drugs are really safe and monitored by the FDA, how we can fix the pharmaceutical problem and why we need to be manufacturing generics in the United States. A child’s illness or injury can affect the entire family. Preferred Home Health Care and Nursing Services understands how difficult it can be to navigate the process related to caring for your child’s needs. Their highly trained, licensed pediatric clinicians will be there for you every step of the way. Preferred will help you focus on the care your child needs. Call 800 603 CARE (2273) or go online to Podcast

Preferred Company 8-1-19: Eric Branda

We all get yearly physicals to monitor blood pressures, cholesterol and evaluate risks for cancer, diabetes and heart disease. Shouldn’t we do the same for our hearing? Today’s guest Eric Branda, an audiologist and director of product management discusses the importance of getting a hearing exam and why it is important to wear a hearing aid in order to be able to communicate with friends and family and not live in isolation. Did you know that hearing aids are so different then our grandfather’s hearing aids. You’ll be surprised how much everyone is plugged in and has something in their ear. Why not a hearing aid? For over 3 decades, Preferred Home Health Care and Nursing Services has been providing compassionate and dependable home health care. Preferred is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer any questions you have. Call 800 603 CARE (2273) or go online to Podcast

Preferred Company 7-30-19: Kingsley Guy

This is Preferred Company with guest Kingsley Guy. Kinsley is author of “Piercing The Veil: A Skeptical Journalist Discovers Unseen Worlds. It’s a brief memoir that deals with the amazing experiences he had during a spiritual journey that began when he discovered he was an alcoholic. Hear about his experiences and how he witnessed events that defied the laws of physics. Learn about the state of consciousness called samati. Plus, find out how someone can start a spiritual journey. You can listen to Preferred Company with Joel Markel and Fran Holinda anytime by downloading the Preferred Company app on your smartphone or tablet. By enabling the Preferred Company skill, you can say “Alexa, open Preferred Company” and you can take Preferred Company wherever you go. Podcast

Preferred Company 7-26-19: Dr. Anna Yusim

21 million Americans have at least one addiction they are carrying with them. Addiction is a problem, an illness and a mental disorder that won’t go away. Yet, only 10 percent of those people are seeking treatment. Often, it takes a rock bottom situation to recognize they need treatment. Dr. Anna Yusim will speak about addiction and depression and how the two go hand in hand. Find out if she sees addiction as a choice, where to start in uncovering the root causes of addiction, how to treat a struggle with addiction and why AA is a powerful model. Preferred Home Health Care and Nursing Services offers a wide range of services such as nursing care. But they are much more than that, Preferred offers assistance with daily activities, trips to the doctor, bathing, toileting and eating to name a few. Their licensed, practical nurses provide compassionate care for your loved ones 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Call Preferred Home Health Care and Nursing Services at 800 603 CARE to get the care you deserve or go to Podcast

Preferred Company 7-25-19: Barbara Sellers

Joining Fran Holinda is guest Barbara Sellers. She is the author of “Get Tough or Die”. It’s a compelling story of the real look into the trauma surrounding domestic violence. At a young age, Barbara was a victim of child abuse. Throughout her childhood, she learned how to defy the odds and rise above. When Barbara was only 4 years old, she realized adults in her life were not going to protect her, so she would have to protect herself. You’ll find out the 3 main reasons why she wrote the book, her accomplishments in life and what other things she learned through life’s journeys. One main point when we become adults at age 18, anyone can choose to change their lives for the better. Being an adults means we are not puppets and we pull our own strings. Preferred Home Health Care and Nursing Services offers home health care in the comfort of your own home from pediatric to elderly services. They are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Call 800 604 CARE (2273) or go online to Podcast

Preferred Company 7-23-19: Eric Mittenhal

July is national hot dog month. Today’s guest is Eric Mittenhal from the Hot Dog and Sausage Council. Find out how many hot dogs are consumed during the Summer, the truths and myths about hot dogs, why you should never ever put ketchup on a hot dog and how relish and sauerkraut started. Plus, is a hot dog a sandwich? Eric will answer the big question. Go to to find out more fun facts about hot dogs. Your hosts of Preferred Company are Joel Markel, president and founder of Preferred Home Health Care and Nursing Services and Fran Holinda. Podcast

Preferred Company 7-18-19: Leslie Halleck

You’re listening to Preferred Company with Joel Markel, president and founder of Preferred Home Health Care and Nursing Services and Fran Holinda. They are joined by Leslie Halleck, author of “Plant Parenting: Easy Ways to Make More Houseplans, Vegetables and Flowers”. In this book, Leslie guides readers step-by-step with hundreds of beautiful photos. She believes once you catch the plant bug, there is nothing more satisfying then learning to make more plants on your own. Her book begins by explaining the basics of plant reproduction and plant names, then details the materials and tools you need to succeed at plant propagation. Find out why plants bring silent joy to others, who will benefit from plant parenting and what do you do if you don’t have a green thumb? Podcast

Preferred Company 7-16-19: Fiona Citkin

You’re listening to Preferred Company with Joel Markel, president and founder of Preferred Home Health Care and Nursing Services, Fran Holinda and Fiona Citkin, today’s guest. Fiona came to America from Ukraine as a fulbright scholar, studying languages and cultures at Kent State University. Dr. Citkin consults and speaks on interculturalism, diversity and inclusion at major corporations and colleges around the world. She is the author of “How They Made It In America”. The book is success stories of immigrant women. Find out the message of the book, what the American dream is now, why you can’t put a price on the contributions these women made to society and how 7 values drove women to success. As our loved ones age, they often experience loneliness. Sometimes all they need is a compassionate companion to visit regularly and engage them in conversation. For this, Preferred Home Health Care and Nursing Services offers at home companion care, one of the most popular senior home care services. All of Preferred Home Health Care and Nursing Services caregivers are licensed, bonded and insured. Companion care is available for as little as an hour, up to a full 24-hour period. Call 800 603 CARE (2273) or visit Podcast

Preferred Company 7-12-19: Jay Webb

This is Preferred Company with guest Jay Webb. Jay began his entrepreneurial path with the launch of a successful media production company in 2004. Under this banner, he was lead producer on two independent feature films that received distribution through Lionsgate and HBO. His continued passion for independent storytelling led him to the creation of Indie Street Media, the first cooperative distribution brand for self-distributing filmmakers.
Indie Street Film Festival is 5 days of film, art, discussion and inspiration in Red Bank happening July 24 through 28. The interactive festival is an engine of discovery for films and filmmakers who prove story is independent of budget. Indie Street Film Festival aims to pave the way for storytellers of the future, finding innovative ways to leverage cooperation, technology and new media in order to foster creators to unite and grow their audiences. Hear more about the Indie Street Film Festival. Your hosts of Preferred Company are Joel Markel, president and founder of Preferred Home Health Care and Nursing Services and Fran Holinda. Podcast

Preferred Company 7-11-19: Ted Baxter

You’re listening to Preferred Company with Joel Markel, president and founder of Preferred Home Health Care and Nursing Services and Fran Holinda.  Today, they are speaking with Ted Baxter, author of “Relentless: How A Massive Stroke Changed My Life For The Better”.  After a massive ischemic stroke, he had extreme aphasia and badly impaired mobility.  Strokes are on the national radar, but much is misunderstood.  Knowing the right steps to take before and after strokes can have an enormous impact on recovery.  These are not only steps for the stroke sufferer, but their loved ones as well.  Ted discusses the important keys to recovering from a massive stroke and insights that helped him.  Plus, how to spot critical signs and taking action and why speaking up for others should be a part of the healing process.  Missed any episode of Preferred Company?  Download the Preferred Company app on your smartphone or tablet and say Alexa “Open Preferred Company” when you enable the skill.  You can listen to Joel and Fran everywhere you go! Podcast

Preferred Company 7-9-19: Caroline Blazovsky

Welcome Caroline Blazovsky to Preferred Company with Joel Markel, president and founder of Preferred Home Health Care and Nursing Services and Fran Holinda.  Caroline is a national healthy home expert with over 17 years of experience working with the public and physicians to create healthy living spaces and improve wellness.  Her certifications and education include knowledge of mold, indoor air quality, chemicals in the home,
green building, healthy homes and allergies.   If you discover mold in your home, does that mean your home is unhealthy?  What should you test for if you are thinking about purchasing a home?  Also, what chemical products should you remove from your home and should you buy fragrance free products?  Caroline will have the answers. Podcast