Preferred Company 11-25-20: Butterball Turkey Talk

It’s Preferred Company with Joel and Fran! The specialists at the Butterball turkey talk line are here to help you with the big day. Barbara discusses just how many calls the turkey talk line receives in November and December. Plus, she has helpful advice in crunch time like food safety for thawing the bird, temperatures for cooking the bird and what to do with the leftovers! Podcast

Preferred Company 11-24-20: Butterball Turkey Talk

You’re listening to Preferred Company with Joel and Fran! The butterball experts are here to discuss turkey! Special guest Sue will discuss the biggest questions from first time callers like if your turkey is not completely thawed, is it ok to bath in water to speed along the thawing process, how long can the bird sit on the counter before putting those leftovers away and how many days can we safely reheat turkey? Plus, she’ll explain the difference between a fresh and a frozen turkey. Podcast

Preferred Company 11-23-20: Butterball Turkey Talk

It’s Preferred Company with Joel and Fran! As thanksgiving gets closer, we have more turkey tips from the experts at Butterball. Joining Preferred Company is Bill from Butterball. He offers suggestions on whether you should wash your turkey before prepping for the oven and why it’s not the best thing to do, kitchen safety after the bird is put onto a roasting pan and how temperature is key before cooking it. Podcast

Preferred Company 11-20-20: Chris Olszak

It’s Preferred Company with Joel and Fran! Today’s guest is Chris Olszak, Certified Elder Law Attorney from Davison, Eastman, Munoz, Paone in Toms River and Freehold. Why are written agreements better than verbal agreements, even between family members? Chris will explain. Plus, what makes a document legal and how specific does the contract need to be. Podcast

Preferred Company 11-19-20: Butterball Turkey Talk

You’re listening to Preferred Company with Joel and Fran! Today is national thaw your turkey day and you’ll get helpful tips on thawing turkey from Nicole at Butterball. Nicole provides the general rule for thawing turkey and best methods as well as food safety and temperature when you cook it. Plus, what happens if you forget to thaw your turkey. Can you still thaw on Thanksgiving morning? Nicole will answer. Podcast

Preferred Company 11-18-20: Butterball Turkey Talk

We’re talking turkey on Preferred Company with Joel and Fran! Sue from Butterball is here to discuss why the role of the talk experts are so important this time of year, when the talk line was founded and what are some common questions that are asked by callers. Plus, how COVID-19 is impacting the call center this year. Podcast

Preferred Company 11-17-20: John Prosser

Catastrophic auto accidents can happen in an instant and change your life forever. Did you know approximately 800 traumatic brain injuries and 24 spinal cord injuries occur every day from auto accidents? Did you also know 1 million people file bankruptcy because of the medical expense they incur? This is a silent epidemic. John Prosser, president of NeuroTrauma Association, joins Joel and Fran on Preferred Company to discuss “Michigan’s Insurance Model For America”. His mission is to manifest lifetime care and educate other state legislatures to follow this model because the medicare population could be saving 40 percent. Because of these accidents, most are forced into assisted living facilities with sub-par care instead of the aggressive, persistent, tender loving care they deserve to receive at home. Podcast

Preferred Company 11-13-20: Lori Draz

It’s Preferred Company with Joel and Fran! Today, Lori Draz is here with her segment ‘Dining Out With Draz’. She shares her magnificent dining experience at Asbury Kitchen, a David Burke restaurant. Asbury Kitchen features an modern American menu with a bistro-style flare, reflecting a classy but casual and fun-filled atmosphere. Lori will tell you about some amazing appetizers that were too good to eat, in fact you may even want to take a picture of it. Plus, three entrees like skirt steak, salt brick chicken and juicy hamburgers. There’s something for everyone! Asbury Kitchen is located at 601 Mattison Avenue in Asbury Park. For more, go to Podcast

Preferred Company 11-12-20: Linda McIssac

This is Preferred Company with Joel and Fran! Today’s guest is Linda McIssac, enterpreneur, scientist, educator and author of ‘2Connect’. She’s here to explain how ‘2Connect’ transforms the way an individual finds a soul mate using a new science of the mind technology for a more compatible, intimate and long lasting relationship. Plus, find out which of the 4 major areas is the most important for compatibility and why she believes it’s a myth that opposites attract. Podcast

Preferred Company 11-10-20: Deb Colameta

It’s Preferred Company with Joel and Fran! Today’s guest is Deb Colameta, author of ‘Best Offer, Best Life’. Deb found a formula for financial success by decluttering her home and leveraging the power of online yard sales. Find out some tips for ‘upcycling success’ through Facebook Marketplace, eBay and Amazon, how the process of upcycling begins and ways to save money while still enjoying new items. Podcast

Preferred Company 11-5-20: John Smith

It’s Preferred Company with Joel and Fran! Today’s guest is John Smith, author of ‘Embracing the Abyss’ and professional speaker whose readiness lies in sharing his gripping story with all audiences. He delivers on awareness, allowing a deeper understanding of expectations and consquences of ethical and unethical behavior. ‘Embracing the Abyss’ is a true story of unknowingly becoming part of a fraud scandal, receiving a presidental pardon and being surprised by a spiritual awakening. Podcast

Preferred Company 11-3-20: Paul Sciortino

You’re listening to Preferred Company with Joel and Fran! Today’s guest is Paul Sciortino of the New Jersey State Police Internet Crime Against Children Task Force. Apart from the physical dangers of the coronavirus, the crisis has manifested many secondary dangers, like domestic violence, depression, alcoholism, drug abuse and suicide. Another chilling statistic is the dramatic rise in child pornography. Child predators are taking advantage of the increased online time during the quarantine to locate child victims through social media and popular apps. Paul will tell us why we should keep the conversation active with our kids, be involved in their social media activities and watch for secretive behavior. To arrange a lecture, please contact the New Jersey State Police Internet Crimes Unit at 609-584-5051 x5633 and for other cyber tips courtesy of National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, visit Podcast

Preferred Company 10-29-20: Megan O’Keefe

It’s Preferred Company with Joel and Fran! Today’s guest is Megan O’Keefe, Executive Director of Caregiver Volunteers of Central Jersey. The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted our communities with seniors being hit especially hard. The need for volunteers services has never been greater. There’s only 30 percent of their volunteer force currently available and Caregiver Volunteers of Central Jersey are in desperate need of volunteers. Megan shares their mission and how you can help seniors with their grocery shopping and transportation to doctor’s appointments.


Preferred Company 10-27-20: Nancy Deutsch

It’s Preferred Company with Joel and Fran! Today’s guest is Nancy Deutsch, Licensed Clinical Social Worker and author of ‘Intuition Advantage’. Nancy will explain intuition. We all know the word, but don’t fully understand what is intuition. Plus, how to use it to our advantage, the 3 C’s of intuition and the aspects of the mind we need to know about to inspire the empowered life. Learn more about Nancy Deutsch to get a free mediation steps for well being at Podcast

Preferred Company 10-23-20: Rachel Wentz

It’s Preferred Company with Joel and Fran! Today’s guest is Rachel Wentz, this month’s Preferred Home Health Care and Nursing Services team member. Rachel works at the South Orange branch where she is a client services coordinator. You’ll hear Rachel’s story of what inspired her to get into the home health care industry, why communication is the key that’s made her successful as a client services coordinator and the strong bond Preferred Home Health Care and Nursing Services has between the client and patient care. Podcast

Preferred Company 10-21-20: Rebecca Kachmar

It’s Preferred Company with Joel and Fran! Today’s guest is Rebecca Kachmar, author of ‘A Queen’s Vow’. You’ll hear the story of ‘A Queen’s Vow’ and what inspired her to write it, how difficult the process was to publish the book through amazon and why she wants other aspiring writers to be creative with a young writer’s group. Podcast

Preferred Company 10-20-20: David Marion

It’s Preferred Company with Joel and Fran! Today’s guest is David Marion, author of ‘Addiction Rescue: The No BS Guide To Recovery’. David has lived through multiple addictions, including gambling, opioids and heroin, as addict and co-dependent respectively. He brings over 30 years of experience and education as an expert in addiction and recovery to people and their families suffering from the affects of any type of addiction. David shares his 5-step process to get into and stay into recovery, 5 simple steps to live a life free from overuse or overdoing anything, why just because your doctor prescribes it doesn’t make it safe for you to take and why recovery from addiction takes holistic healing. Podcast

Preferred Company 10-16-20: Chris Olszak

It’s Preferred Company with Joel and Fran! Today’s guest is Chris Olszak, Tax and Estate Planning Attorney at Davison, Eastman, Munoz, Paone. Chris discusses remarriage and adult adoption in terms of estate planning and how possible conflicts can disrupt the legal process. What qualifies as cohabitation? Is it easier to live together and remerge your assets? At what point in the relationship is a good idea to get an attorney involved? Can older sons or daughters step into the legal process? Chris will explain. Podcast

Preferred Company 10-15-20: Les Rubin

This is Preferred Company with Joel and Fran! Today’s guest is Les Rubin, founder of Les discusses voter IQ and what is the purpose of main street economics. Les says it is not right or left, it’s just trying to educate, not advocate. He will give his thoughts on whether our Presidential candidates even understand economics and if the economy can fully recover in the short term after the COVID disruption. Podcast

Preferred Company 10-13-20: Marya Lawrence

It’s Preferred Company with Joel and Fran! Today’s guest is Marya Lawrence, musician. Marya was born into a talented family of musicians, and from her first day on the planet was surrounded by music. Her father saxophone legend the late Arnie Lawrence, would bring Marya to his gigs, where she heard and absorbed the best musicians in New York. She was soaking up the sounds like a sponge and learning jazz Marya as child vernacular straight from the source. Her new single is called ‘Ain’t No Sunshine’. Podcast

Preferred Company 10-8-20: Kirk Fletcher

It’s Preferred Company with Joel and Fran! Today’s guest is Kirk Fletcher. He’s releasing a brand new album of new music called ‘My Blues Pathway’. My Blues Pathway features a mix of originals, covers of quintessential blues classics by Sonny Boy Williamson, Chris Cain, AC Reed and Juke Boy Bonner, in addition to two new songs co-written with Robert Cray’s longtime bassist, Richard Cousins. Kirk has a reputation as a bona-fide, can’t miss performer. His soulful playing and singing never fails to elicit chills and his unique approach to Rhythm & Blues music is both refreshingly modern and completely authentic. Podcast

Preferred Company 10-6-20: Dr. Amy Towfighi

This is Preferred Company with Joel and Fran! Today’s guest is Dr. Amy Towfighi. Her book ‘What You Must Know About Strokes’ discusses how to recover from a stroke and how to prevent one. She will explain the two types of strokes and how it affects the body, the symptoms and the importance of F.A.S.T. Plus, why staying healthy reduces chances of stroke and why family history increases it. Podcast

Preferred Company 10-1-20: Dr. Sam Sugar

This is Preferred Company with Joel and Fran! Today’s guest is Dr. Sam Sugar, author of ‘Guardianships and the Elderly’. Imagine a system of justice in this country that strips citizens of their Constitutional rights, voids their existing legal documents, gives others the right to spend their money and sell their assets and has the ability to limit the time they can spend with their loved ones. Dr. Sugar will explain a guardianship in more detail, who would get the process started and will discuss his organization Americans Against Abusive Probate Guardianship. Podcast

Preferred Company 9-29-20: Matt Guiliano

This is Preferred Company with Joel and Fran! Today’s guest is Matt Guiliano, retired Monmouth County SPCA officer and author of ‘My Name is Musky’. Matt worked on over 2,000 animal cruelty cases. Over time, he couldn’t believe how humans treated animals so terribly. All these years, he never had anyone to talk to about his frustrations and stress of seeing such animal abuse. ‘My Name is Musky’ is a story of a 2 pound ferret, but Musky packs powerful pizzazz into every minute of her ‘second’ life. Musky has gone from being a pet ferret, abandoned into the wild by her former owner, to being found by the Monmouth County SPCA, to having her own book and her own Facebook gage with 6,000 followers. Musky’s irresistible charisma has melted many hearts, especially with Matty, who knew in minutes Musky was destined to be a part of his family. Podcast

Preferred Company 9-25-20: Emily Buckley

It’s Preferred Company with Joel and Fran! Today’s guest is Emily Buckley, Client Services Coordinator at Preferred Home Health Care and Nursing Services Allentown branch. Find out her daily job responsibilities at Preferred Home Health Care and Nursing, why she chose a career in home health care and how her mother influenced her. You’ll also hear a fun fact about Emily: it’s something that was quite difficult to plan during the pandemic. Podcast