Preferred Company 2-26-21: Dean Glaraga

This is Preferred Company with Joel and Fran! Today, we meet another of Preferred Home Health Care and Nursing Services team members: Dean Glaraga. Dean is a respiratory care practitioner and he helps educate the nurses for managing ventilators, tracheotomy changing and developing relationships with the patient and their family. One of the things Dean brings to patients is hope and getting them back to their very best. Dean discusses the Preferred team and its successful formula of care, growing up in a family that’s been surrounded by the nursing profession and what he likes to do in his leisure time for de-stressing. Podcast

Preferred Company 2-25-21: Andy Watts

This is Preferred Company with Joel and Fran! Today’s guest is Andy Watts. Both as a solo act and with his band, ‘Blues on Fire’, he has earned a well deserved reputation as a fiery, passionate blues guitarist and singer. Andy has performed with many of the modern blues greats including Joe Louis Walker, Kenny Neal, Lucky Peterson, Johnny Winter, Rick Estrin, Bernard Alison and Eliza Neals. Supergroove is a highly charged album of ten electrifying blues tracks, dusted with a bit of rock, funk and R&B featuring Andy’s sometimes gritty, sometimes slinky guitar and his soulful vocals along with his great band of bass, drums, keyboards, trumpet, trombone, saxophones and an occasional guest harmonica. On this album, the groove is king! Podcast

Preferred Company 2-23-21: Rick Geffken

This is Preferred Company with Joel and Fran! Today’s guest is Rick Geffken, author of ‘Stories of Slavery in New Jersey’. Dutch and English settlers once brought the first enslaved people in the 17th century. By the time of the Revolutionary War, slavery was an established practice on labor-intensive farms. The progenitor of the influential Morris family, Lewis Morris, brought Barbadian slaves to toil on his estate of Tinton Manor in Monmouth County. “Colonel Tye,” an escaped slave from Shrewsbury, joined the British “Ethiopian Regiment” during the Revolutionary War and led raids throughout the towns and villages. Charles Reeves and Hannah Van Clief married soon after their emancipation in 1850 and became prominent citizens of Lincroft, as did their next four generations. These are just some of the stories from New Jersey’s dark history of slavery. Rick will explain why history has whitewashed a lot that took place, how people react to these stories and why he tells the whole story and not one that’s condensed for history books. Podcast

Preferred Company 2-16-21: Stephanie Lombard

You’re listening to Preferred Company with Joel and Fran! Today’s guest is Stephanie Lombard, co author of ‘PTSD: How Overcoming Anxiety, Depression and PTSD Taught Me The Power of Pushing Toward Success Daily’. This story is a husband and wife’s journey overcoming together PTSD. Why is there such a negative stigma associated with mental health? When you hear physical health, it seems to have the opposite connotation. Anyone can suffer from PTSD, anxiety, depression and/or stress, not just veterans and first responders. Learn how to move out of your comfort zone and get help, establishing a plan and reframing trauma to rewrite your own story. Podcast

Preferred Company 2-12-21: Dining With Draz

It’s Preferred Company with Joel and Fran! Today’s guest is Lori Draz, Preferred’s very own local restaurant reviewer. Lori visited a trendy place called Cave Bistro in Avon By The Sea. Cave Bistro’s 100 percent gluten free, farm to table menu uses mainly organic produce and grass fed, finished pasture raised, meats, game, poultry and fresh seafood. They serve creative Paleo cuisine inspired by the cavemen. If you’re not familiar with Paleo, it’s a diet filled with plenty of meat and less grains. Lori sampled a giant meatball stuffed with cheese, a delicious bone in rib eye steak served with sauteed spinach and french fries and also a pork chop in a sweet chili sauce with butternut squash. If you love quality food, artfully plated dishes and the portions that are generous, then Cave Bistro is for you! Visit online at Podcast

Preferred 2-4-21: Gary Bengier

It’s Preferred Company with Joel and Fran! Today’s guest is Gary Bengier, author of ‘Unfettered Journey’. It’s a love and adventure story with a Philosophical perspective. The main character is an AI scientist who seeks to create robot consciousness and discovers the resilience of the human spirit. This spiritual quest answers fundamental questions which are the nature of the conscious mind and free will. Gary will provide insight as to why he thinks a robotic future is both a positive and negative effect for humans. Podcast

Preferred Company 2-2-21: John Prosser

This is Preferred Company with Joel and Fran! John Prosser, president of NeuroTrauma Association, is back to discuss “Michigan’s Insurance Model For America”. His mission is to manifest lifetime care and educate other state legislatures to follow this model because the medicare population could be saving 40 percent. Because of these accidents, most are forced into assisted living facilities with sub-par care or spending their life savings on continuous care instead of the aggressive, persistent, tender loving care they should be receiving at home. Podcast

Preferred Company 1-28-21: Eduard Qualls

It’s Preferred Company with Joel and Fran! Today’s guest is Eduard Qualls. He is the author of ‘David, My David’. This book’s powerful voice against right-wing extremism and Anti-Semitism is one reason it has drawn the attention of Chancellor Merkel, and of her Cabinet, in their efforts to counteract the rise of evil within the dark corners of Europe. Eduard worked very diligently to make the characters of the book into the friends of the readers, so that it might break down the wall humans erect, in order to distance themselves from the pain of victims. One author reported this back to me, upon reading one chapter set when the main character has been condemned to Auschwitz for hiding Jews: “It has been over a week since I read chapter 18, and I still can’t get the images out of my head.” Podcast

Preferred Company 1-26-21: Lori Myren Manbeck

You’re listening to Preferred Company with Joel and Fran! Today’s guest is Lori Myren Manbeck. She is the founder and CEO of Inclusivi-tee, conceptualizer who began her imaginative efforts affecting global change and author of ‘You Can Save The World: In Fact You’re The Only One Who Can’. She believes that we are the ones who hurt the world because we do not take responsibility for saving it. Lori offers practical eco-friendly clothing, food and lifestyle tips that everyone can master. Podcast

Preferred Company 1-22-21: Rachel Esposito

It’s Preferred Company with Joel and Fran and it’s time to meet another of Preferred Home Health Care and Nursing Services team member, Rachel Esposito! Rachel is a Training Manager and Digital Analyst. She will discuss her experience over the past year dealing with the pandemic, how hard the coordinators work either in office or from home and how the digital platform has grown. plus, her connection with the elderly population prior to working at Preferred and her musical obession with ‘The Beach Boys’. Podcast

Preferred Company 1-21-21: Justin Pogue

You’re listening to Preferred Company with Joel and Fran! Today’s guest is Justin Pogue, property manager and author of ‘Rental Secrets’. He’s here to share market-based industry secrets so rental owners can take control of lease and renewal conversations, use effective rent reduction strategies and get better value for their rental dollar. Plus, he’ll offer tips on opportunities that are overlooked such as cheaper rent in the winter season or an opportunity to work for the landlord. Podcast

Preferred Company 1-19-21: Lindsay Kite

This is Preferred Company with Joel and Fran! Today’s guest is Lindsay Kite, PhD and body image expert. Along with her twin sister Lexi, Lindsay wrote the book ‘More Than A Body: Your Body Is An Instrument, Not An Ornament’. She offers powerful and practical advice for women of all ages on how to develop body image-resilience. Plus, she will explain transforming from being self objective to self actualization to change the way we look at ourselves. Podcast

Preferred Company 1-15-21: Chris Olszak

This is Preferred Company with Joel and Fran! Today’s guest is Chris Olszak, Certified Elder Law Attorney of Davison, Eastman, Munoz, Paone. As we get older, many people find themselves enrolling in medicare. There are rules and regulations of medicare. Chris will address medicare allowances for healthy spouses when their other half needs to put into an assisted living facility. Which assets are exempt and is there any way to plan for these emergency situations? Podcast

Preferred Company 1-14-21: Lawrence Doochin

You’re listening to Preferred Company with Joel and Fran! Today’s guest is Lawrence Doochin, author, abuse survivor and entrepeneur. In his new book called ‘A Book on Fear: Feeling Safe in a Challeng World’ he maps out a heartfelt method for overcoming fears and bad memories. He explains three soulful strategies for returning to our hearts, learning to dwell in the present and overcoming fears. You can learn more at Podcast

Preferred Company 1-12-21: Chris Kammer

You’re listening to Preferred Company with Joel and Fran! Today’s guest is Chris Kammer, dentist. He is here to save patients from the drill and the shot! By the time people reach over 50 years old, their previous dental work just might have a cavity. Before you replace that crown, Dr. Kammer says it’s time to start considering healing that decay! Healing begins with a medical approach using medicine to treat the decay and not amputate it. The care Dr. Kammer delivers is here to sweep across America. Plus, he can offer second opinions on healing cavities or can just help from an important discussion about dental health. Podcast

Preferred Company 1-7-21: Richard Kuhns

You’re listening to Preferred Company with Joel and Fran! Today’s guest is Richard Kuhns, a chemical engineer and accredited hypnotist who is considered to be one of the most advanced and progresive self-help specialists. He has successfully worked with thousands of individuals to achieve their goals of shedding weight, managing stress and becoming healthier. He discusses online dating in the modern world and why we have such anxiety for no reason and how we can overcome it. Plus, he will discuss has new book ‘My Dog Got Run Over By A Rainbow’ and how we can we build true self-esteem. Podcast

Preferred Company 1-5-21: Sterling Mire

You’re listening to Preferred Company with Joel and Fran! Today’s guest is Sterling Mire, author of ‘The AOM System: Manifestation Master in 30 Days’. Sterling has proven, with great success, individuals can source their creations from a place of love and courage, versus from fear. The average American will not only realize the fruition of their dreams, but also experience great peace and satisfaction. Plus, the critical question: how to effectively forgive and why forgiving yourself is often overlooked yet paramount? Podcast

Preferred Company 12-31-20: David D’Orazi

This is Preferred Company with Joel and Fran! Today’s guest is David D’Orazi, author of ‘The In-Between Artist: The Story of Tony D’Orazi’. This story novels the successes and struggles of his father, Tony D’Orazi, an influential twentieth-century artist. Despite all his roles he playsfFrom his early childhood as a prodigy to his ascension into an award winning artist by way of New York City and Chicago, Tony remained a true artist in between. Podcast

Preferred Company 12-29-20: Edward Adams

You’re listening to Preferred Company with Joel and Fran! Today’s guest is Edward Adams, a licensed psychologist who has treated men in individual and group therapy and author of ‘Reinventing Masculinity: The Liberating Power of Compassion and Connection’. He’s here to discuss the concept of “confined masculinity” and how it requires men to live limited, constrained lives that leave many feeling unfulfilled. He believes the “man rules” of you can’t complain, make it to the top or be stoic doesn’t work in the 21st century. When we follow those silly rules and find them through life experiencse at work, love and play, they really hurt our lives. Edward says we all should be open to more ideas, communication and feelings. Podcast

Preferred Company 12-28-20: Malorie Cross

It’s Preferred Company with Joel and Fran! Today’s guest is Malorie Cross, Preferred Home Health Care and Nursing Services featured team member. Malorie had many roles at Preferred from working in the field to becoming supervisor and the director of nursing in the Bala Cynwyd branch. Find out what it’s like to be hands on with patients as she cares for them and her passion for nursing, how COVID 19 has changed the industry to a virtual perspective. Plus, her new life role as a new mother and the challenges. Podcast

Preferred Company 12-24-20: Hank Garrett

This is Preferred Company with Joel and Fran! Today’s guest is Hank Garrett, former actor and author of his newest memoir ‘From Harlem Hoodlum to Hollywood Heavy’. Hank’s story is truly one of redemption; from the poor Harlem kid to a career that has spanned 6 decades and has survived and thrived because of the fight inside the man. You probably remember TV shows like Columbo and Car 54 Where Are You? or his brutual fight scene with Robert Redford in “Three Days of the Condor”, which is still considered one of the best fight scenes of all time. His best noted achievements include opening for Tony Bennett, Duke Ellington, Count Basie and Dinah Washington and becoming the first white comedian to appear at the famed Apollo Theater in Harlem. Hank continues to give back, helping troubled youth as a guardian angel to at-risk kids, just as Sammy Davis Dr. was to him. Podcast

Preferred Company 12-22-20: Judith Fein

Today’s guest is Judith Fein, Travel Journalist, Inspirational Speaker and author of ‘Communicating With The Dead’. Judith will discuss some of the most exotic places she’s traveled and how she finds these locations. She also discusses world differences in views about death and experiences in communicating with the dead. She believes this is a wonderful thing, a way to expand your life by understanding these experiences and why we should break this taboo. You don’t have to be locked in during the pandemic. There are many ways to engage with life and be excited about the possiblities of your life. Podcast

Preferred Company 12-18-20: Chris Olszak

It’s Preferred Company with Joel and Fran! Today’s guest is Chris Olszak, shareholder of Davidson, Eastman, Munoz, Paone. Chris will discuss what the Executor is entitled to including fiduciary compensation and commission, the risks of being a fiduciary and if it’s possible to change the rules of allowance for commission to an estate. Podcast

Preferred Company 12-17-20: Shawna Pelton

During these unprecedented times, community, structure and support guide people to overcome conflicts. Community is key for the platform to come together. It’s Preferred Company with Joel and Fran! Today’s guest is Shawna Pelton, founder of The Quantum Shift Inner Power Circle. Shawna helps others begin a quest for self-actualization with a transformal guide to align with their highest potential for health, happiness and harmony. With emerging science in mind-body medicine, there’s hope in reshaping the future into a new paradigm of well-being and bioenergetics. She believes everyone can find meaning and purpose in life in times of great change and uncertainty. Podcast