Preferred Company 10-13-16: Karen Newman

You’re listening to Preferred Company with today’s guest Karen Newman.  Karen is an inspirational speaker, world record-breaking triathlete, dietitian, author and survivor of two life-threatening diseases. Her real-life stories have been giving people hope, helping free them from the bondage of shame, secrets and addictions and inspiring them to be authentic.  She is also the author of “Just Three Words”, a gripping story about the challenging experiences that brought her to her knees and then to her life’s purpose.   Karen has taken her life and all the challenges in it and transformed into a positive, optimistic journey.   Your hosts of Preferred Company are Joel Markel, president and founder of Preferred Home Health Care and Nursing Services and Marianne Levy.   For more on Preferred Home Health Care and Nursing, go to or if you are in need of home health care, don’t hesitate to give them a call.  Call Preferred Home Health Care and Nursing Services, 800 603 CARE.

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