Preferred Company 10-18-16: Leslie Michelson

You’re listening to Preferred Company with Marianne Levy and David Crossan, who is filling in for Joel Markel.   Leslie Michaelson joins Marianne and David to discuss medical care.  His new book “The Patient’s Playbook: How To Save Your Life and Lives of Those You Love”, talks about his three decades of experience as a medical case management expert into steps to achieve the best possible health outcomes from a broken system.  He wants to change the way you manage your health and your family’s health from finding the right doctor to coordinating medical care.   Find out the steps everyone should take before illness strikes, how to avoid over-treatment and correcting the most common mistakes people make in the first 24 hours of a medical emergency.   Preferred Home Health Care and Nursing Services provides quality in home health care for infants and children to the elderly.   Preferred Home Health Care and Nursing Services can take care of patients in their own home.   Call 800 603 CARE or visit


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