Preferred Company 10-6-16: Marie-Claire Arrieta

You’re listening to Preferred Company with Joel Markel, president and founder of Preferred Home Health Care and Nursing Services and Marianne Levy.  Joel and Marianne speak to Marie-Claire Arrieta, who is the author of “Let Them Eat Dirt”.   This book has found research discovering ways tiny microbes have a powerful impact on our health.  Microbes affect us as early as infancy and you’ll find out why an imbalance in these microbes can lead to obesity, asthma, diabetes, among other chronic conditions.  Marie answers is a pet good for your child, should children play in the dirt and is hand sanitizer good for protecting you and your family from germs?   Preferred Home Health Care and Nursing Services provides in home health care for you or a loved one in the comfort of your own home.  They can take care of infants to the elderly.   For more, call 800 603 CARE.   That’s 800 603 CARE or visit



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