Preferred Company 3-14-19: John O’Rourke

This is Preferred Company with Fran Holinda, Lori Draz and guest John O’Rourke.  John is the author of “Mystery, Millions & Murder in North Jersey”.  You may recall the kidnapping and killing of Exxon’s International President Sidney Reso in April 1992.  This case made national headlines and for 57 days, it kept everyone wondering what had happened to Mr. Reso.   The narrative is based upon interviews with the FBI, local law enforcement and associates of Art Seale (the ex-cop and kidnapper).  John enlightens listeners with this story, what he has learned from his research into the investigation, why he believes history tends to dull events and how he gets readers to feel what it was like to be Mr. Resos’ shoes.   What is home health care?  Who needs home health care?  Why home health care?  You might think home health care is just for those who are living with a terminal disease, but the truth is even children and adults need home health care too.  Discover Preferred Home Health Care and Nursing Services and you’ll soon see why they’re the most trusted home health care agency around.  Call them at 800 603 CARE (2273) or go online at



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