Preferred Company 3-22-19: Debbie & Matt Geissinger

Joining Joel Markel and Fran Holinda are Debbie and Matt Geissinger from Lost Dog Search and Rescue.   Their purpose is helping owners find their lost dogs before harm could come to them.  For dogs they find that have been abandoned and dumped, they provide shelter, medical attention, love and then find them forever homes.   Their second goal is to take in dogs that have been abandoned, classified as un-adoptable, have behavioral or medical issues that would cause a dog to be on an euthanasia list to either keep safe and care for till its time for them to cross the Rainbow Bridge or rehabilitate and adopt out.  This is why you won’t find a lot of adoptions come from their rescue.  Lost Dog Search and Rescue does this strictly for the benefit of the dog!  Find out very important tips: what to do and what not to do when you find a lost dog or if your dog is missing, why tagging a dog is important and why fence protection in your backyard is essential.   Preferred Home Health Care and Nursing Services provides adult and senior care at home.  They are here to assist clients in a one-on-one home setting with nurses and certified home health aides that are thoroughly screened, trained and supervised.   Get the care and compassion your family deserves.   Call Preferred Home Health Care and Nursing at 800 603 CARE (2273), go to and find them on facebook and twitter at Preferred Home Health Care and Nursing Services.

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