Preferred Company 3-29-19: Dr Anna Yusim

It’s feeling like Spring today with Joel Markel, president and founder of Preferred Home Health Care and Nursing Services and Fran Holinda.  That’s because guest Dr. Anna Yusim is bringing the sunshine!   Dr. Yusim is a psychiatrist on the Upper East Side in Manahattan and is author of “Fulfilled”.  She will explain what does it mean to be fulfilled, how do we achieve it and overcome our obstacles in life and how we can connect to something greater than ourselves into our purpose in this world.    Plus, why distractions keep us from being fulfilled.   It’s all positive thoughts into the weekend with Preferred Company!  Take Preferred Company with you on the go: say “Alexa: Open Preferred Company” and you can listen to live and previous shows.  If you’re in need of home health care, call Preferred Home Health Care and Nursing Services at 800 603 CARE (2273) or online at

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