Preferred Company 4-16-19: Angela Gachassin

Today’s guest on Preferred Company with Joel Markel and Fran Holinda is Angela Gachassin.  Angela wrote the book “Autism Healed For Life”.  At age 3, her son Glenn was diagnosed with Autism.   She chronicles her daily experiences as they both struggle to conquer his autism symptoms.   Angela shares how she integrated speech, occupational, sensory and food aversion therapies together with self care skills.  She explains a huge part of autism is sensory integration dysfunction and why the five senses of the body are either hypo sensitive or hyper.   She believes with a lot of therapy, learn from experiences and incorporate it into daily life.  Preferred Home Health Care and Nursing Services offers hourly home health care, live in home health aides and registered nurses to keep your loved ones from 2 to 102 living well at home.  If you are in need of home health care services, call 800 603 CARE (2273) or go online to

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