Preferred Company 4-23-19: Cindy Klement

This is Preferred Company with Joel Markel, president and founder of Preferred Home Health Care and Nursing Services and Fran Holinda.  Today, Fran speaks to Cindy Klement.  Cindy is the author of “Your Body’s Environmental Chemical Burden”.   Cindy had a childhood fraught with asthma, intestinal disorders and other ailments, all of which continued to cause discomfort well into her adulthood.   After an encounter with a doctor trained in Germany, she followed his dietary suggestions and herbal medicine recommendations.  Her body was completely healed through organic eating and clean living in nine months.  However, despite the lifestyle change, Cindy had a test that revealed her body was burdened with a toxic load of chemicals like pesticides, BPA, parabens and VOCs.  She accumulated 1,500 research papers on the topic about these chemicals were and how they affected her health.  The results were startling.  In her book, Klement discusses some of the top chemicals that interfere with our hormones.  Find out what other cleaning alternatives we should use instead of chemical cleaners, why bottled water may not be that safe for you and why it’s up to the millennial generation for a cleaner future.  Now, you can listen to Preferred Company on your Alexa by adding the Preferred Company skill.  Simply say “Alexa, open Preferred Company” and listen to Joel and Fran where ever you go.  Also, you can download the Preferred Company app or listen on


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