Preferred Company 5-16-19: Stan Goldman

You’re listening to Preferred Company with Fran Holinda and Jimmy Givens.  They are joined by Stan Goldman, journalist and news corespondent.  Stan wrote the book “Left to the Mercy of a Rude Stream: The Bargain That Broke Adolf Hilter and Saved My Mother.”  Stan is the son of a Holocaust Survivor.  He explains the horrors of his mother’s captivity, the improbability of her survival and the lingering effects on her.   You’ll learn how freeing his mother from a Nazi death camp led directly to Adolf Hitler’s suicide, what caused the significant rise in anti-semitic attacks in the United States and how the mass atrocities affected the lives of the survivors.  It’s a book about survival, a rescue and an individual coming to terms with his own history.  Stan says this could happen again anywhere at any time because hatred can turn to violence quickly.  He believes we must always be vigilant and always be aware hatred exists.  Preferred Home Health Care and Nursing Services provides hourly in home health care to patients in the comfort of their own home.  Their licensed, practical nurses, home health aides and private duty nurses are compassionate and highly trained.   Call Preferred Home Health Care 24 hours a day, 365 days a year at 800 603 CARE (2273) or go to

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