Preferred Company 5-2-19: Art Shamsky

This is Preferred Company with Fran Holinda and David Crossan.  Today’s special guest is Art Shamsky, N.Y. Mets outfielder.  He wrote “After The Miracle: The Lasting Brotherhood Of The ’69 Mets”.   The book is a 50 year memoir of a miracle Mets team destined to win a championship after finishing in last place nearly every year since the franchise was established in 1962.  In the book, players reminisce how important the team was all players, their fans and the country while going through a struggling time period: Vietnam.   Plus, it’s the story of the comradery, friendships and even 50 years later how winning brought the team together.  This is a book that every Mets and every baseball fan must own.  Since 1987, Preferred Home Health Care and Nursing Services can be providing compassionate and dependable home health care services.  They have 14 locations throughout New Jersey and Pennsylvania, along with 24 hour availability, 365 days a year.   Call Preferred Home Health Care and Nursing at 800 603 CARE (2273) or online at


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