Preferred Company 6-12-20: Dining With Draz

It’s another ‘Dining With Draz’ with Lori Draz.  Lori had a pleasure of being a part of sample tasting at Orchid Gardens in Ocean Township.  Orchid Gardens offers great conptemporary foods with an exquisite preparation.  Lori will let you know what she tried, including a delicious Salmon and Sea Bass dish and a fabulous caprese salad.  Orchid is kosher and offers options for vegetarians, vegan and meatless sections too.  Their restaurant is available for private events, take out and more.  It’s seasonal and local!  Orchid will be open for outdoor dining beginning this Monday.  Check out Orchid Gardens.  They’re located on Route 35 in Ocean Township.  Call 732 695 3122 and online

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