Preferred Company 6-15-16: Dr. Susan Heitler

Today’s edition of Preferred Company focuses on the shooting at the Orlando nightclub this past Sunday.  Dr. Susan Heitler speaks to Joel Markel and David Crossan about how the recent news effected our children.  Find out why she believes the Santa Clause principle is the main principle to keep in mind when she talks with children about terrorism, how she explains the reason for terrorists killing and find out why their own safety is the main concern for children.  Preferred Home Health Care and Nursing Services works together to deliver outstanding home health care in the comfort of your own home or a loved one’s home.   From pediatric to eldery care, they do it all.  For more information about Preferred Home Health Care and Nursing Services, call 800 603 CARE.  That’s 800 503 CARE or visit

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