Preferred Company 6-20-19: Dr. David Harper

This is Preferred Company with Joel Markel, president and founder of Preferred Home Health Care and Nursing Services and Fran Holinda.  Today’s guest is Dr. David Harper.   Dr. Harper is bringing the “BioDiet: The Scientifically Proven Ketogenic Way to Lose Weight and Improve Your Health”.  For 40 years, we have been slowly eating ourselves to death and doing so based on government guidelines about what constitutes a healthy diet.  This lowfat, high carbohydrate experiment has led to epidemic increases in obesity and other chronic conditions, including diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancer and Alzheimer’s.  It’s time to hit the reset button.  Dr. Harper offers a new, scientifically validated approach.  BioDiet isn’t a “diet” and it’s not a quick fix designed to help shed 10 pounds before beach season.    You’ll hear how the bio diet is different from other ketogenic diets, why 12 is the magic number, what are the common stumbling blocks people face when attempting to adjust from a ketogenic diet and how this diet can change your life.

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