Preferred Company: Mary Kaba Valis

It’s Preferred Company with Marianne Levy and special co-host Mary Kaba Valis. Mary is a Life Enrichment Coach at Your Sparkling Potential and Guidance Counselor for gifted and talented teens at the Westminster School for Performing Arts. Mary explains the mission of Your Sparkling Potential and how she partners with busy caring individuals to guide them in a thought provoking process to identify and work toward living the inspired, sparkling life they want.  Mary holds a BA in Education and a Masters Degree in Psychology. She has extensive experience in the health care field and continues her work to understand the behaviors of others for more than 30 years. As a Certified Dementia Practitioner who loves education and learning, Mary is super jazzed about adding a certification as a Laughter Leader to her qualifications and special skills this summer.



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