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Eye Health: Top ways to observe

Eating healthy will help you maintain your eye’s health. There are certain food types that can help you strengthen the wellness of your eyes. There are particular nutrients and vitamins which can help you battle eye problems associated with aging.

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Tips For Buying Long-Term Insurance

Buyers of long-term-care insurance expect that their policies will pay off if they no longer can live on their own. And most claims are paid: Insurance companies forked over $6.6 billion in benefits in 2012 to a record 264,000 individuals,

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5 steps to adapt your home as you age

MAY 2014 Modifying doorknobs, doorways, and railings now will help you live there longer. When you choose a place to live, you might give a lot of weight to the home’s appearance and size. But how much consideration do you

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Healthy Road Trips This Summer

Road trips can take a toll on everyone – here are some ideas to keep things healthier while on the open road: Make “rest breaks” active: pick a road stop or park and get the family out of the car

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Heart Healthy Cookout Ideas

Warmer weather may mean it’s time to break out the grill, here are some tips and ideas for a healthier grilling cookout: Go fish! Fish, especially oily fish like tuna and salmon have great nutritional benefits including omega-3 fatty acids.

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Staying Active in the Summer Months

The arrival of spring and summer means days at the pool, family picnics, baseball and other outdoor activities. Here are some tips to keep your family physically active in the warmer months: Hydrate! Drink plenty of water before, during and

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