Bring New Caregiver Into The Home Gradually

Dear Joel,
I am a 54-year-old woman who lives in California. I am writing because I have heard of Preferred Home Health Care and listen to WOBM on the Internet (I am formerly from Ocean County). My question is this. My dad is in need of someone to watch him. He is becoming forgetful and I am concerned about him not taking his medications, falling etc. He does have one of the electronic buttons to call for help. He is refusing to believe that he needs care. My feeling is that he needs a live in Home health aide from your company.
Thank You. –Beth in Agoura Hills.

Dear Beth
Thanks for the long distance letter. I am certain that you are correct in that your dad does need help. I don’t think, however, that starting with a 24 hour live-in from Preferred is the best way to go. Like everything else in life, if there is no urgency I think taking it slower is probably a better approach. I would start with three hours of care in the morning and nothing more. I then would increase it (after a month or two) to three hours of care in the evening. Eventually, you can get to 24 hour care and by then dad will be more accustomed to having someone in the house. The best way to reach Preferred Home Health Care &Nursing Services is by calling 1-800-603-CARE (2273). After you contact us, more than likely, a social worker from our company will be out to meet with dad followed by a R.N. who will do a physical assessment. It would be great if you can be there but our staff is equipped to handle this alone. Thanks to listening to me and Marianne on WOBMAM 1160. I especially love to hear of long distance listeners

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