Dear Readers,
Although most of the column is usually dedicated to advice, sometimes I run across material that I think is worth sharing. I loved the following helpful remedies.
Burned Fingertips:
Should you accidentally get a minor burn on your fingertips, simply hold your fingertip to your ear lobe. Place your thumb on the back of your ear and the burned fingertip on the front. It is supposed to work like magic.
Motion Sickness: With all the travel plans coming up some people are bound to suffer episodes of motion sickness. This may sound nutty but try this: Pull out the skin in the middle of your inner wrist about one inch from your palm. Keep pulling and pinching while alternating wrists. You will be amazed at the results.
Tension Headaches:
Tense all the muscles in your face and , neck , jaw, scalp and shoulders .Hold that “pose” for about 30 seconds” Then , suddenly , relax , completely. letting go of all the tension , and your headache will be gone along with it.
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