Certain Foods Can Help Us Stay Calm

  Dear Readers: We have all had our days where anger seems to take over. We lash out at the ones we love and feel guilty afterward. They don’t happen too often, here’s hoping, and we usually apologize and forgive (the alternative is to hold a grudge, and feel sad and depressed). It is important to recognize that if this is persistent it could be a disorder of some kind. That being said there are foods that can actually help us in staying calm. I loved this and wanted to share:
Kiwis – Kiwis are filled with Vitamin C and actually contain more Vitamin C per fruit than oranges. (Who would a thunk?)
Pumpkin Seeds – Thought that they were only popular during the Halloween season? Think again, pumpkin seeds are eaten by Americans all year through. They are filled with Magnesium. They also reduce the effects of anxiety, a known killer to our health.
Leafy Vegetables – Another goody loaded with magnesium. Americans enjoy eating iceberg lettuce but there are so many more leafy vegetables now available that are loaded in healthy stuff.
Finally, chamomile tea is almost as good as a kiss good night. It is a great and healthy way to end the day (it is related to the Daisy family) and a nightly cupful can reduce the day’s stress.
And for my male readers I am not sure of the nutritional benefits to women but Brazil nuts have a reputation of raising the libido. Now that sounds simple. You can find them in better supermarkets throughout the entire year. They are available without the shell.
I especially enjoyed sharing this information in that it is an inexpensive way of reducing stress and anxiety .It is important to remember that if allergies or medications are of concern, please consult your doctor.
Wishing you a great week with less stress.

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