Dear Joel Honesty Is The Best Policy In This Instance

  Dear Joel: I have a situation and don’t know how to handle it. I work in a hotel in Ocean County. I referred a good friend of mine to my supervisor for an opening we had at the reception desk. I was looking forward to working with her. The work conditions are pleasant and the pay is good. She has been out of work for over a year.
After the interview I asked my supervisor if she was going to be hired. His response was that she met all the qualifications but would not be hired. His issue was her tattoos which he said is not the image the hotel wishes to portray. She does have an abundance of tattoos on her arms. My question, Joel, is should I tell her?
  Answer: Ordinarily, I would tell you not to tell her but; you are the one who referred her to the potential job. There is no rule which prohibits someone from not hiring based on tattoos (as far as I know). I would think that most law firms, Doctor’s offices and other places of employment may respond in the same way. She may have to look for work of a different nature. I wish her luck in her job search.

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