Preferred Company 5-17-22: Roger Smith

You’re listening to Preferred Company with Joel and friends! Today’s guest is Roger Smith, author of ‘The Most Unlikely Leader’. Roger discusses his unique journey through his remarkable life: a life including astronomical business success alongside family struggles and a life threatening battle with addiction. He explains how his traits of an addict lead to transferable skills to become a leader, how changing your habits can go a long way and how repairing personal relationships are part of a successful life. Podcast

Preferred Company 5-12-22: Greg DeHart

You’re listening to Preferred Company with Joel and friends!  Today’s guest is Greg DeHart, Emmy award winning producer and documentary filmmaker.  His documentary mixing filmmaking and baseball and is called ‘Max Patkin: The Clown Prince of Baseball’.  Find out how Max got his start as a clown by mimicking New York Yankees Joe DiMaggio in a US Navy game in Hawaii during WWII, what was it like to play and meet Max and how the new documentary shows what it was like “when baseball was baseball”. Podcast

Preferred Company 5-5-22: Shelly Slocum

You’re listening to Preferred Company with Joel and friends!  Today’s guest is Shelly Slocum, author of ‘Love and Inspiration from Mom’.  Life has come with many challenges and blessings for Shelly.  As a non-smoking lung cancer survivor, Shelly believes she has been given the gift of time and has made it her mission to spread more love and inspiration in the world and to be the spark that helps people change their lives for the better.  To connect with Shelly, please visit Podcast

Preferred Company 5-3-22: Judy Balloff

This is Preferred Company with Joel and friends!  Today’s guest is Judy Balloff, author of ‘365 Days of Abundance’ and ‘Love After 50’.   Judy helps individuals to turn their fears into trust, depression into liberation, anxiety and stress into rest, lack and limitations into abundance on all levels.  She invites everyone to discover joy, inspiration, overwhelming gratitude and overflowing abundance and to discover the heart’s burning desire and translate the desire into real success.  Judy believes you were born rich, the life you’ve always dreamed of is already within you.  Now, we all just need to find out how to let it out. Podcast