Preferred Company 12-29-22: Monique Verpoort

You’re listening to Preferred Company with Joel and friends! Today’s guest is Monique Verpoort, egistered social worker, trainer and author of ‘Is This All There Is?’ Living a Life Beyond
Monique’s experience working with both clients and professionals as well as doing her own work has provided her with a unique perspective on the way in which self-regulation techniques such as EFT, coupled with focused action, can create a life of unexplored possibility at any age. She has seen lives radically change for the better when subconscious limiting beliefs are transformed into empowered ones and she continues to dedicate her life to helping people become emotionally free. What is this EFT tapping procedure and how does it help with the energy pathways in the body? How often should one tap and how do beginners approach tapping? Monique explains. Learn more at

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